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Reikäreuna Film Festival 2010 (9.-12.9.2010) is open for short and feature-length films of every genre. The screening copy must be submitted either on a DVD or a Blu-ray disc. Other formats should be discussed with the organizer.

The submission deadline is 31.5.2010. The following material has to be sent along with each submitted film:
1) a DVD or a Blu-ray disc containing the film
2) a FULLY filled entry form (via online submission)
3) at least 1 photo (via online submission)

Read rest of the rules here.

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Contact information
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  6. As the rights holder I accept that my film may also be screened in other festivals by the organization in the future.
  7. Attach one photo of the film. The name of the file should be the same as the title of your film. You can send the photo also via e-mail to:
  8. By submitting the work I accept the rules of the festival. The work I have submitted may be screened in the Reikäreuna Film Festival 2010. The title of the film and any attachments I have sent, as well as the names of the cast and crew may be used in marketing. I accept that the DVD or Blu-ray I have sent will remain in the archives of the organizer (Taideyhdistys Roihu ry). I guarantee I have the rights to submit the film and I have taken care of the copyrights of the film.