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The sixth Reikäreuna Film Festival will take place from September 9-12 2010 in Orivesi, Finland. This year’s special guests are: director Aleksi Salmenperä as the main guest, artist Veli Granö as the artist guest and finance and debt adviser Kirsti Lattunen as the casual guest. Apart from the short films we have a colorful program including films from the main guest, an old Finnish black and white movie and music performances on several nights.

Most of the programme subtitled in Finnish. Some screenings subtitled in English. Please refer to the programme map.

Picks from the programme 2010

From Aleksi Salmenperä Paha Perhe (Bad Family), a tragicomic story of an overprotective father. At Saturday two short films by Salmenperä will be presented: Onnenpeli 2001 and Rajatapaus, which deal with the cleansing effect of a relationship and the search for a sexual identity. The main guest will be at the screening to discuss his movies.

In Veli Granö’s short film screening we see stories of alienation and get to meet people who want to build a different kind of reality around themselves. The artist will be present at the screening to discuss his movies.

Swedish director Jonas Selberg Augustsén will be present at Saturday to talk about his documentaries The Calf and the Freedom and The Tree Lover.

Foreign ministry and UN Association present a free screening of 8 – Keep the Promise about the eight Millennium Development Goals of the UN as interpretated by eight well-known directors.

AV-arkki : As Seen On Television – A compilation of works in which artists recycle familiar material from television or movies, using it as it is or as a thematic or visual model for a completely new interpretation.

Zeitgeist : Addendum A discussion will be held at Oriveden Opisto after this documentary, which presents a critical view of the market economy.

The best of Tampere Film Festival 2010 features some of the movies awarded at the Tampere Film Festival this year, including Lumikko, which won both the national and international competition.

Steam of Life (Miesten Vuoro) Naked men sit in a sauna and talk straight from their hearts. In the heat of the rusty stoves the men cleanse themselves physically and spiritually.

The mobile sauna featured in the documentary Miesten Vuoro will be heated at Taisto yard at Saturday from 12pm to 19pm. Come and take a sauna with the people featured in the film!

Filmpool Nord presents Language Problematics, featuring two movies about the meaning of native language for an aging person and about being an outsider in a new culture. In the screening  Animations from Kiruna, Filmpool Nord presents the first antimation in the language known as Meänkieli, a fisherman  pondering the origins of a shoe and many others.

Elokuu (Matti Kassila, 1956) tells about a Saturday in the life of canal guard Viktor Sundvall (Toivo Mäkelä) and about his unfulfilled dreams and escapist tendencies, fueled by alcohol and imagination.

Let the right one in (Låt den rätte komma in), the winner of numerous awards, tells the story of a bullied twelve years old Oskar, who meets at the playground Eli, a girl of his age who has just moved into the neighbourhood. At the same time bloody murders begin to occur in the neighbourhood. This violent and romantic tale is set in Stockholm’s suburb Blackberg in 1982.

The Reikäreuna Film Competition received 104 entries, out of which 19 domestic short films were presented to the jury. A selection of the other entries will be presented at four thematically organised screenings.