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Reikäreuna Film Festival

10th Reikäreuna Film Festival is organised at Orivesi railway station area at 3-7 September, 2014. The festival is organised by Art Association Roihu since 2005. In 2013, the festival had 2,800 visitors.

Besides films Reikäreuna offers a wide range of art in its various forms: fine art, installations, music, photography exhibitions, performing arts etc.

The screenings are held in buildings called: Taisto, Asema (Station) and Pasin tehdas (see map below).


How do I get there?

You can easily visit the festival by trains from Tampere (25 min) and Jyväskylä (1 hour). Note: The last train from Orivesi to Tampere leaves at 8.23 pm.

On Fri-Sat & Sat-Sun nights there will be a bus shuttle to Tampere at 2 am / 7 euros per person. We recommend you to pre-book, if you want to guarantee your seat: toimisto(at)

Also check out Matkahuolto’s bus schedule:

Orivesi taxi: tel. 0100 40 60 (1,16€/call + 0,17€/10s)

Google maps link to Taisto building / Google maps directions to Reikäreuna from Tampere


Säynäniemi Camping

3 km away from the festival area. There will be a free transportation few times a day between the festival and camping.

Bookings and requests:
puh.040 966 7809

Säynäniemen leirintäalue
Säynäniementie 100
35100 Orivesi AS

cottage for 4, possibility to cook, 30 €/day/cottage
cottage for 4, fridge, 20 €/day/cottage
cottage for 3, fridge, 20 €/day/cottage
cottage for 2, fridge, 20 €/day/cottage

Bring your own linens or you can rent from the camping 5 €/bed. Every cottage have bunk beds, 3 people cottage also have convertible bed. One cottage with the possibility to cook can have two extra convertible beds (4 €/day). There’s a big kitchen where’s possible to cook (with your own cooking tools).

Sauna rent 2 €/person.

You should do basic cleaning before check-out. General rules and regulations should be followed.

Breakfast: from the festival cafe. Also possible to order from the camping beforehand 4 €/person.

Floor accommodation

Bookings and info: toimisto(at)


(Payment available only with cash! Note: the nearest ATM is 4 km away at city center of Orivesi.)
Film screenings ……………………………………………………..……. 7 €
Silent films (Anna-Liisa & Chaplin shorts) …………….12 €
(not valid with Film Card, free tickets or Festival Pass)

Film Card & Festival Pass
Film Card (5 tickets to 7 € film screenings) …………..………..…. 28 €
(Film Card for Osuuspankki customers ……………………………….25 €)
Festival Pass (all 7 € screenings + Club evenings) .…………….… 50 €
(Festival Pass for Osuuspankki customers ……………………………..45 €)
(customer can prove their membership by showing their Osuuspankki debit card)

Festival Club
Festival Club, Wed & Thu (incl. Hot Tub Kino & sauna bus)…… 5 €
Festival Club, Fri (incl. Hot Tub Kino, sauna bus & gigs)……….. 12 €
Festival Club, Sat (incl. Hot Tub Kino, sauna bus & gigs)…..….. 15 €

The ticket sales opens one hour before the day’s first screening.

Booking tickets

By mailing toimisto(at) (your name, mobile number, name of the screening & the amount of tickets). You can also book tickets by calling after 2 September, 2014 (9 am) tel. +358 44 216 3575

Film screenings
The booked tickets to film screenings can be picked up from the Festival Info/Ticket Sales from Taisto building (Asematie 9). The tickets should be claimed 45 min before the screening. Payment only with cash!

Screenings with English subtitles or dialogue

Wed 3 September, 2014
8 pm / Asema / Short documentaries from Finland
10 pm / Taisto / Hot Tub Kino (only few exceptions, see the film list)

Thu 4 September, 2014
10 pm / Hot Tub Kino (only few exceptions, see the film list)
6 pm / Taisto / Best of Tampere Film Festival 2014

Fri 5 September, 2014
4 pm / Asema / Short documentaries from Finland
6 pm / Taisto / Heart of Lion
6 pm / Asema / Lasse Naukkarinen: Artist’s Life
8 pm / Taisto / Silent Charlie Chaplin films accompanied with live music

Sat 6 September, 2014
10 am / Asema / Short documentaries from Finland
12 pm / Asema / Best of Tampere Film Festival 2014
2 pm / Asema / Amer Ali
2 pm / Taisto / Garden Lover’s
4 pm / Taisto / Nobody Owns Me
4 pm / Asema / Film Competition 1
6 pm / Taisto / Pirjo Honkasalo: Concrete Night
8 pm / Taisto / Silent film Anna-Liisa accompanied with live music
8 pm / Asema / Film Competition 2

Sun 7 September, 2014
10 am / Taisto / Film Competition 1
12 pm / Taisto / Film Competition 2
4 pm / Taisto / Pirjo Honkasalo: Fire-Eater


The 10th Reikäreuna Film Festival consists of 23 film screenings, more than ten artists’ art exhibitions, 8 bands, the Hot Tub Kino and the sauna bus. The anniversary year’s novelties include the festival’s own beer called Roihu (Blaze), which gets its spiciness and aromatic taste from fresh ginger.


This year’s main guest is film director Pirjo Honkasalo. The festival presents three award-winning films from her: Melancholian 3 huonetta (The Three Rooms of Melancholia, 2004), a searing examination of the unrelenting Chechen conflict from children’s perspective, Betoniyö (Concrete Night, 2013) a dreamlike odyssey of a young boy over the course of a night in the humid and stunning Helsinki, and Tulennielijä (Fire-Eater, 1998), in which the sisters abandoned by their mother end up to circus through an orphaned.


Also two films by filmmaker Lasse Naukkarinen will be screened at the festival. Taiteilijaelämää (Artist’s Life, 1999) is a documentary telling about of the visually talented boy Esa, and Olipa kerran utopia (Once Upon a Time There Was Utopia, 2004) is a film based on the director’s diaries in the 1960’s and the 1970’s.


We are happy to introduce some Swedish films in co-operation with Filmpool Nord: Syrian-born Amer Ali’s two documentaries about Swedish refugee centres and Kjell-Åke Andersson’s new film Nobody Owns Me (2013), a story about the social politics of Sweden in the 1970’s. Mikael Persbrandt was awarded with Guldbagge for this film this year.


The legendary Reikäreuna Festival Club includes all live gigs and the famous Hot Tub Kino, where you can enjoy short films while bathing. After Hot Tub Kino you can enjoy the live gigs – all of this with one fee. Rap-artist Juju had his first gig 10 years ago at the same premises as Reikäreuna Film Festival started its journey in 2005. This special anniversary will be celebrated on Sat 6 September.


The previous Reikäreuna short film competition winners and the most memorable films seen over the years of the festival are screened at the two anniversary screenings (Juhlavuosinäytös & Reikäreunan voittajat). Also Reikäreuna, for now, the documentary about making the festival, is included at Juhlavuosinäytös.

Av-arkki – The Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art celebrates its 25 years’ history. Therefore Reikäreuna and AV-arkki have decided to co-host two jubilee screenings. Pam Pam! is a screening strongly flavoured with performing arts, and it leaves behind a question: Can this be done? Puhutaan politiikkaa! (Let’s Talk About Politics) screening tackles into the everyday questions with a new point of view through film and media art languages.


The old meets the new, when Charlie Chaplin’s short films are screened from 16 mm film copies. The films by the artist who started his career 100 ago will be accompanied by live music by Libla and Utopianisti. The music varies from chiptune to joyful avant-garde, energetic jazz-prog and game-electro music. Furthermore, the elektro-folk-band Lau Nau will be accompanying the silent film Anna-Liisa (1922), which is a story based on the play by Minna Canth.


Newer fiction will be represented by Dome Karukoski’s Leijonasydän (Heart of a Lion, 2013). The film tells about a Neo-Nazi falling in love with a woman who has a black son.


Tampereen elokuvajuhlien parhaat 2014 (The best of Tampere Film Festival 2014) is the summary of the awarded short films in the most important short film festival in the Northern Europe. The screening includes documentaries, fiction films and animations from Finland and abroad. The screening is subtitled in English.

Altogether 160 films participated in the short film competition. 41 of theres will be screened during the festival. 17 films were chosen to the Short Film Competition, and the rest will be screened at Kylpylyhärit (Hot Tub Short Films) and Lyhytdokumentteja Suomesta (Short documentaries from Finland, subtitled in English) screenings. The winner(s) will be announced on Sunday at the closing ceremony at 6pm (Päättäjäiset).


The old Finnish film screened this year is Erik Blomberg’s Valkoinen peura (1952). At the time it got many international recognitions and it was awarded at Cannes Film Festival on 1953, and it became a Finnish classic straight away.


Virpi Suutari’s newest documentary Eedenistä pohjoiseen (Garden Lovers, 2014) is a documentary love story about Finnish couples who have a passion for gardening. The film with comic undertones looks at their stories behind the hedges. The film is subtitled in English.

The anniversary year’s artist guest is Samuli Heimonen, who participated in the building of the very first Reikäreuna Film Festival in 2005. Reikäreuna’s exhibitions include paintings, installations, video art, photographies, environmental art, sculptors etc..

An antique market place (Wanhan tavaran markkinat) will take place on Saturday, September 6th at 11–17 at the railway station parking lot area. There will also be local arts and crafts, and Harjunpää fiddlers are playing at 13–14.